Endeavor Rehab Center –  Manor

Endeavor Rehab is an outpatient physical and hand therapy clinic that provides premier physical therapy intervention to patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries pre-operatively or post operatively.

11300 US Hwy 290 E., Bldg 1 Ste 140, Manor, TX 78653

(512) 852-8004

Services Offered:

We provide treatment to the entire body system, from shoulders to the spine, hips, knees, elbows, hands, ankles, and wrists.

Endeavor Rehab Center provides the highest quality outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy and hand therapy services in Austin, Texas. At Endeavor Rehab Center, we promote recovery, and provide treatment services and outpatient physical therapy for a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders and orthopedic injuries and conditions, specifically tailored for you.

From soft tissue rehab and joint mobilization, therapeutic modalities and functional exercise, to pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, our physical therapists provide both manual and non-manual therapy to target the problem, and deliver custom-tailored rehabilitation programs that get real results. We also provide outpatient occupational therapy services with a particular focus on injuries and conditions of the hand and upper extremities. Our occupational therapists both have specialized training as a Certified Hand Therapist.

Our goal is to maximize your mobility, function and improve your overall quality of life. As an owner-operated clinic, we are able to make our patients’ needs our top priority.