Shoulder Problems


Repair of The Rotator Cuff and Labral Tears 

In this video, Dr. Seade presents to over 30 Physical Therapy groups in Austin, Texas about the rotator cuff and labral tears.

Anatomy of the Shoulder 

In this video, Dr. Seade explains:

  • Basic shoulder anatomy 101 – Learn about the different bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons in the shoulder.
  • What can cause the shoulder to dislocate or “pop out”.
  • What is the rotator cuff.

Rotator Cuff Tear

In this video, Dr. Seade explains:

  • Rotator Cuff tears
  • Common problems including “getting pinched between the two bones” or impingement syndrome & trauma usually associated with shoulder dislocation
  • Symptoms and Treatment – anti-inflammatory, physical therapy or corticosteroid injection
  • Shoulder Surgery – how do you fix a rotator cuff tear?

Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

In this video, Dr. Seade explains

  • Frozen Shoulder or adhesive capsulitis
  • Treatment options

Shoulder Dislocation

In this video, Dr. Seade explains:

  • why your shoulder may be “popping out” or dislocating
  • treatment options for a dislocated shoulder – immobilized in a sling for 2 -3 weeks and physical therapy
  • Shoulder Surgery: how do you re-attach the torn ligament to the bone?
Arthritis in the Shoulder

In this video, Dr. Seade explains

  • What is Arthritis?
  • How does Arthritis affect your shoulder?
  • Treatment options
  • Oral Anti-Inflammatory Medication & Physical Therapy
  • Injection (directly into the shoulder joint)
  • Surgical option: Primary Joint Replacement
  • Surgical option: Reverse Joint Replacement

AC Joint Separation (Bike Crash)

This is one of Edward Seade, M.D.’s patients who is a professional road biker who fell and sustained an AC joint dislocation or separation by landing onto his shoulder during this fall. His riding partner happened to have a video camera on his helmet and captured the accident on tape. The rider received a grade III AC joint separation from this fall. His bike tire actually gets caught under the car tire and blows-up. On the slower videos one can see and hear the tire exploding. The car involved did stop to assist the rider. This type of motor vehicle / bike accident, in which the car turns in front of the biker in this manner, is very common.

This resource has been provided by Edward Seade, M.D. as general information only. Additional information can be found by visiting our clinic. Please call for an appointment at 512-583-0219

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